Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Favorite. Sew Gracious

Reversible Fabric Organizer Bin

Wristlet Key Fob
Halloween Trick or Treat Basket

Clutch Wallet Eyeglass Case

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorite. This week's shop is Sew Gracious! It's the perfect place to find organizer bins, baskets, key fobs, lanyards, and wallets. I instantly loved the organizer bins! Organization + wonderful fabric choices...what's not to love? I ordered one last year and it has been one of my favorite Etsy purchases! I also ordered a cute polka dot mini wallet and it's just the right size for my business cards. 

The best thing about Sew Gracious is Miss Pam! She owns the shop and creates all of the beautifully made items. She is so kind and positive--I always enjoy her fan page updates and blog posts.

Whether you need a cute basket for Trick or Treating, a pretty gift for someone special, or a key fob to keep those pesky keys from disappearing, you should stop by Sew Gracious ! Tell her Polka Dot sent you:)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
xoxo Elizabeth

(Sept. 11, 2012-- A little update on Pam's shop. She now makes gorgeous pillow covers in lots of colors and fantastic patterns! )


  1. Sew cute! Pam and I have been internet friends for years.

  2. Beki-Don't you love how the internet has created a smaller world for us! You and Pam are both super sweet-I'm not at all surprised that y'all are buddies!


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