Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Super Mom Moments

Super Mom Moments

I've always wanted to be the perfect Mom.
Hosting birthday parties with each detail planned perfectly.
Arriving on time with hair and makeup just right and children dressed in cute outfits.
Volunteering to teach Sunday School and bake cookies.
Always making time to play Legos and DressUp.
Having a delicious dinner on the table each evening.
My list really can go on...and on...and on...

I can do some of these things well, but never all at the same time!

I am learning to be content with Super Mom Moments.
Making yummy banana-peanut butter smoothies.
Impromptu Connect4 competitions.
Laughing with my children.
Lazy afternoons at the park.
Morning snuggles with my daughter.
Bedtime chats with my son.

I would love to know about your Super Mom Moments! Don't be know you're fab!
xoxo Elizabeth

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  1. So well said, Elizabeth! I hate the guilt that comes with feeling I haven't done everything. And, overall, that doesn't prevail in my thoughts anymore. (Believe me, I have felt guilt at not "sewing" or "knitting" everything I need! Strange, I know!) It's easy to compare ourselves with others - even in the blogosphere - because life can seem perfect when we are trying to portray our best. But I know the reality is we can't do everything. So I am trying to focus on what I can do and what I do well. But I still often feel tugged in so many directions - esp. when it comes to my family and it's still easy to fall into feeling guilty about something. Thankfully, my husband and I really support each other so we don't slip into blaming ourselves for things. I am also thankful for the support of friends like you who remind me and encourage me to be content with the "less-than-perfect" life.


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