Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Cozy Den

A favorite new spot to read Harry Potter
Finally, the walls are painted and a few pieces of furniture have arrived. After six years of a bright green den with accents of blue and yellow, I've toned it down a bit and love the results. It feels like home to me. Relaxing khaki with blues and a touch of coral red. My children have enjoyed it too. They both have favorite places to read and a big ottoman to play games! We spend much more time in here now...

While washing our china, I realized the new combination is really not so new to me. Take a look. 16 years ago, I chose this Liberty china pattern when we registered for wedding gifts.

Now I just need to call my best girlfriends to come over for tea in our "new" room! Who's ready for a tea party? :)



  1. Love it!! Very relaxing yet vibrant color combination.

  2. Thanks, E! It feels so good to have it finished!

  3. It's so lovely and perfect that your kids are so comfortable there! I'd love to stop by for some tea!!!

  4. Jane, When you are in NC, I would love to sit and chat! And we could go fabric shopping at Mary Jo's in Gastonia!

  5. This room looks so beautiful and cosy Elizabeth. That chair would be my spot too!! It's so good to have a place to feel happy and relaxed. My son looks panic stricken if ever I mention moving to him and even though our house is not huge or perfect it's ours and we love it. Jane xx

  6. Thank you, Jane! I agree-the longer we are in our home and the more we make it ours, it becomes perfect for us!


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