Friday, July 27, 2012

Vintage Necklace

Hope you all are having a happy Friday! I am enjoying my last few days of vacation. Polka Dot Skies will reopen soon, I promise!

Today, I'm wearing a colorful necklace that belonged to my spunky great-grandmother, Nannie. She always left home in a well put together outfit. I get compliments on this fun necklace every time I wear it and I'm always happy to say it belonged to Nannie. (Perhaps I'll be as stylish as she was one day!)

Do you have anything special that belonged to your grandmother or great-grandmother? Please leave a comment and tell us all about it! You can even send a photo to my email ( if you would like to be included in a blog post!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
xo Elizabeth


  1. It is so special to have a piece that belonged to someone you love. I have my great aunt's rhinestone pin and I adore it! Your necklace is cute and it looks just like your style, too!

  2. Nannie had great taste!! The necklace suits you perfectly. How are you? I am just catching up a little after our week in was wonderful! J xxx

  3. Thank you, Sarah! I bet your pin is lovely!
    Hi Jane, All is well here! Enjoying the last few weeks before the start of school!

  4. It is adorable - as you are - and as I imagine your Nannie was!

  5. My grandma left me her wedding rings. While not as colorful as your Nannie's fun necklace, I bet we treat them as treasures! I miss her SO much!

  6. That's a really sweet treasure to have. I miss my grandmother too. We are blessed to have had grandmothers who are so special to us... I'll stop typing now before tears cover my keyboard.
    xo Elizabeth


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