Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dear Lady in the Carpool Line...

Dear Lady in the Carpool Line. I am sorry. After encountering you this morning, this is what I posted on Facebook when I got home.

Dear Rude Lady in the Carpool Line who stopped to use your phone and angrily waved me around like I was the idiot. You are not 3. The world does not revolve around you.

I felt better for a few seconds. It felt great to get that off my chest!

Until the voice inside my head asked... "Really? This is who you are? Someone who gets ticked off so easily that you post a mean note to a random stranger on your Facebook page? Your posts are usually positive, funny,  inquisitive...   But mean? No. That's not who you want to be. You don't want to go there."

The voice inside my head continued. "Because when you dig a little deeper, you find the truth. You wonder who you have annoyed recently. You wonder when others have seen you as self-centered. And it's really hard to answer those questions truthfully. Because, like everyone else on this planet , you are just doing the best you can. You have days when you are sweet and helpful and have enough love and grace to go around. And you have days when you are impatient, annoying, and make bad decisions."

I erased my Facebook status 8 minutes after I typed it. And honestly, erasing it felt much better than it felt to post it.

I am blessed.  I am loved by people who see my flaws and still love me. With God's grace, I get to start over each day. Each hour. Each minute if need be.

I hope next time someone annoys me, I can have enough grace in my heart to be kind and loving. For all I know, the lady could have had car problems and was calling someone for help. I let myself get angry too easily. So dear lady one the carpool line. I am sorry. Hopefully next time we meet, I will have a better attitude!
Like this! See, I can be cheerful when I drive!

xoxo, Elizabeth


  1. This is a beautiful reminder to all of us Elizabeth! How easy it is to spout off - even if it is just a virtual feels good at the moment. We strive to be patient, understanding and forgiving. And I am sure we have done all those things.....and it feels so good to be forgiven.

  2. Elizabeth, I so hear what you are saying. It is often shocking when something rattles me to the point where I start saying things that I don't mean. And it is true, you have to look within yourself to find the real reason why you are so upset. This happened to me last night. And the truth set me free. ((hugs)) to you, we all have days like that. As my momma says, all you can do is offer to help or pray for that person because they must be going through something awful & really just need a hug. xoxo

  3. are so sweet...and real! Thanks for this...I am guilty of that same always inspire me to do better! Great post, friend!

  4. I'm glad you're my friend, Elizabeth - I love your heart.

  5. Elizabeth, you are so kind. I have often felt the same way - but should REALLY try to do what you just did. It truly is freeing to forgive and love. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

  6. I have been guilty of this far too often. Thank you for the reminder; you are a special person. I'm glad I know you (kind of, blogging buddy :)

  7. Oh Elizabeth you are such a beautiful person inside and out! We all fly off the handle at times but we do have to have the grace to realise that maybe the other person was struggling that day too. This is a lovely post it really is, thank you kind friend xxx


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