Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I have a little confession... In the past, I made terrible pancakes. Always. They were flat, chewy, and often burned. It was very sad.

But things have changed!

Late one afternoon, I put a note out on Facebook asking for last minute dinner suggestions. My friend shared this pancake recipe and I quickly decided we would have Breakfast for Dinner!

They are quick and my kids flip over them. Saturday mornings have become our pancake days. It has become one of my favorite times in the kitchen. I am learning that making pancakes is also making memories:) 

I think the secret is mixing vinegar into the milk to create buttermilk. (My mom taught me this trick ages ago and it is useful because I never have buttermilk in the fridge.) 

Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffy Pancakes from
Click here for the recipe!
A special note *I use butter instead of cooking spray*

Sending a big "Thank You" to Danielle for sharing the recipe!

Happy Pancake Making!


  1. I have a similar recipe and I LOVE them. One trick I've discovered is to not over stir the batter - and then let the dough rest so the baking soda can work it's rising magic. SO yummy!

  2. Perfect pancakes are definitely an acquired skill. Yours look delicious. And breakfast for dinner is always a hit in our house. :)


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