Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Just Be Yourself!

I am tired. Tired of seeing posts about being the perfect mother. I was just searching on Pinterest for teen bedroom ideas and up pops a pin the reads "7 Things Kids Need to See Their Mom Doing".  Before I go on, I must say that I never clicked on the pin. I'm sure the 7 ideas are lovely. I'm just tired of reading posts that make me question my mothering skills.

The photo in the pin shows someone sewing...surely a better mom than me. I have a machine. I can imagine what I want to make and cut pieces to make it without a pattern. I can (most times) sew it together when I remember how to fill the bobbin and thread the machine. I get a thrill when I see my handiwork. And then , it all falls apart in the wash. Seriously... My stitches are too loose and my creations are lost.  Seeing that title and image on Pinterest made me wonder if my daughter has had a lesser childhood. She actually asked me to teach her to sew last week. I honestly told her no and explained why I was not the best person for the job. Hopefully, one of her grandmothers will be able to help!

Here's the thing....we are all good moms. We are doing the best we can, some days that may be a meal with all four food groups and other days it may be a PB&J and a banana....or a bowl of cereal.  Your kids may have a perfectly clean room...or perhaps a  messy room with a scary pile like I see right now. Our children may be dressed in the finest...or be running around in dirty socks because the laundry did not get washed and they need to make do. You may have planned activities every day during the summer... or there may be a construction crew fixing the rotten seal at your front door and your fun for the day may be all-you-can-play video games because mom is up to her eyeballs in sawdust! (If that last example seemed too real, it's because it is!)

We love our kids and they know that...they know it in all seasons...the easy times and the stressful times... through the sun and the rain...they are loved! No one will every be able to give me a list of numbered things that will make me the best mom for my children. And no one will ever be able to give you a list. Because you already are! Just be yourself!

I'm sharing these flowers with you, moms! You all are the best!

My dear friend, Patti, brought these to me! They are from her garden!

So what are you sweet moms doing today? I'd love to know!
xoxo Elizabeth

p.s. My friend, Patti, just opened an Easy shop!
When you get a chance, hop over to The Cozy Dewdrop ! Her shop is on a little break until August 17th, but it is still open so you can view her delightful items!


  1. So perfectly imperfect and real.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. All so very true, Elizabeth. I know I am far from a perfect mum, but do my best...we all do our best and we are enough. We are real mum's with real lives. J knows he is loved and safe and that is also enough. Thanks for this, it is a good reminder to all of us perfectly imperfect mums xxx

  3. Thank you! Loved this. Nice to see you posting again. Missed you .


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