Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Letter to Santa from Little Polka Dot

Santa Owls Square Magnetic Notepad
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Wow! Is it December already? My organized daughter is already working on her list. Her unorganized mom is just thrilled that the Christmas tree is actually up and decorated!

Little Polka Dot's Letter -- just as she typed it, except two little notes that any mom would add.

Dear Santa Claus, I might be able to guess what one of my chrismas presents will be!
I think it will be Flat Stanley! Can you write me back and tell me where he was please?
Also here is my chrismas list so you can see.
They are not in any type of order
1. Diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth my dear friend told me this is too mature for a 7 year old--thank you!
2. Zhu Zhu pet playhouse ( all zhu zhu pets )
3. Ipod ( card please )
4. Ipod nano
5. Itouch
6. DS ( tell my parents to get a game or 2 for it) *please:)
7. build a bear
8. peeps (chrismas peeps )
9. A to Z mysteries collection
10. A brown dog with white running down her chest named Brownie, Chocolate, Sugar, or Cinnamon ( please make sure it is a girl and it’s small enough to let me hold it )
11. phone

Little Polka Dot
7 years old

Before Thanksgiving, her list included: chocolate altoids, tictacs, and bubble gum. These items have now been upgraded to an ipod, an itouch, and a phone. Some of her older cousins must have gotten to her after Thanksgiving Dinner and told her this is her one shot to dream big!

Who is Flat Stanley? Little Polka Dot's class did a project last spring about the character Flat Stanley. We sent Flat Stanley to our friends and family and he sent postcards back to class telling all about his great adventures. One of our Flat Stanleys was sent to Santa. Since Santa has been sooooo busy, Flat Stanley has not yet returned to North Carolina. Santa really needs to get on the ball and create a wonderful little album about Flat Stanley's time in the North Pole:) 

What do your children have on their Christmas lists? I would love to know! Isn't this time of year so much fun?!!!


  1. This is precious! I hope that Santa has budgeted well!

  2. This is so sweet, especially the dog. We have lots of Flat Stanley books at our house, they are great! :)

  3. I always had a puppy on my list when I was little!

  4. I love this.:) While no official lists have been written at our house yet, we have heard a lot about the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, and "if I had a million dollars" our little blondie would like to receive the entire contents of the American Doll catalog, especially the dollie wheelchair.:)
    I love this time of year...festivities, wonder, glitz, and an extra fantastic heaping dose of thanksgiving and joy over the birth of Christ. Makes me smile...


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