Saturday, September 10, 2011

3 Year ETSY-versary!

My very first Etsy sale!

Today is my 3 Year ETSY-versary!
Three years ago, my daughter had just started kindergarten and I was ready to have my own little shop. A friend told me about Etsy and I knew it would be the perfect venue. I listed my first items. It took forever. I did not even know how to upload pictures from my camera.
Three days later, I sold my first bow! It went to a sweet little girl in Florida. (Now I ship items all over the world!) I still get a little rush when customers place an order. It is a great feeling to know that others love my creations. I was very shy about my shop at first. It was several months and many sales later that I finally told my friends about Polka Dot Skies.

Thank you for 3 successful years!
I have made many wonderful friends who own their own shops.
I have been blessed to have lots of loyal customers.
I have increased my computer skills tremendously:)
I have received lots of encouragement from my sweet family and dear friends.
Thank you! You all are very special to me!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
If you need to do a little shopping, use code ETSY3 for 15% off your Polka Dot Skies order today!

xoxo Elizabeth


  1. Congratulations Elizabeth! You make and sell the most beautiful items and deserve all the success you have. Here's to many more years for Polka Dot Skies!!! Jane xx

  2. I agree with Jane! You are an inspiration to me! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on 3 years. That is really an accomplishment!


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