Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Polka Dot's Paper Doll Designs

My daughter has been creating today! Making paper doll designs. It's always nice to see her designs--love her use of texture, pattern, and color.

She is quite the entrepreneur. Setting up a shop, Paper Dolls,  in our bonus room. She happily answers inquiries about her designs--offering advice about accessories that work with each piece and carefully adding up the final bill (and thankfully giving me a very nice mama discount). Her face glows with pride as I compliment her sense of color, use of line, and fun mix of textures in her work.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a girl who loves to create, try the "Fancy Paper Fashions" book made by KLUTZ. It comes with a variety of paper, design templates, and little wire hangers. The book is filled with pictures and easy to follow instructions. My daughter's dear friend gave her this book for her birthday--it's been a delightful source of inspiration! (KLUTZ did not ask me to write about their book--I just think it's nice for moms to share ideas!)

What are your little ones making today? I'd love to know!


  1. Wow! I just love that blue dress, it is so glamorous!!! They are all so lovely. Well done to your very clever and very creative daughter and look out fashion world!!! Jane xx

  2. She is quite talented! I love the red dress!

    I also love the Klutz books! We have many of them and Annie has several of the fashion design ones - they have different papers in the various books. She received just about every fashion design "toy" possible - Project runway has some - but simply love the Klutz!

  3. Jane and Jane, (I love having two creative friends named Jane!)
    Thank you for your sweet comments. My little girl has enjoyed reading them! She is learning at an early age how special it is to have others admire your work!
    xo Elizabeth


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