Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Finds. Check it Out!

Happy Friday!

Last Christmas, I found the perfect little zip coin purse for my mom. It is black and white with a bright yellow bird on it! She keeps it in her bag and often thanks me for it. It's from a great shop, Antique Basket Lady. My twitter pal , Sue , makes lovely items!
Pink Damask Wristlet by Antique Basket Lady
This week, my mom has asked me to search Etsy for a checkbook cover. "Do people still use those?", I silently asked myself? Well, yes they do! And I've found some delightful creations on Etsy!
Actually, I'm pretty convinced I need a colorful checkbook cover too:)

My moms loves blue, so these caught my eye. Do you have a favorite? They are all fantastic! The last cover only has a hint of blue...maybe that one should be for me!

Bits O Honey Design

Gracie Designs

The Pokey Rose

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your Friday to "check" out my post! I'm so glad you are here!
Hope you all have a great weekend! 

xoxo Elizabeth


  1. Lovely finds! Have fun choosing! I like them all!

  2. Happy Friday Elizabeth! They are all very pretty but I particularly like the first one. Have a great day and weekend!! Jane xx

  3. She has such a great shop! I love this damask wristlet

  4. Thanks Bizzie, Jane C, and Jane S!
    Jane S! I love the wristlet too! Just updated the post with a photo and link to it! :)

  5. Hi, Elizabeth! This is The Pokey Rose. Thanks so much for linking to my checkbook cover! I have had that bright fabric in my stash for a long time, and when I started making checkbook covers I knew that's what it was meant to be.

    I have enjoyed looking through your blog!


  6. Hello The Pokey Rose! You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!


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