Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu Planning Monday. Feb. 20

A lucky find--I love vintage plates!

Happy Monday! 
What a busy week last week. By Tuesday, I could not remember what was scheduled on my menu plan and by Thursday, I had completely forgotten a menu plan existed! Do you ever have weeks like that? Luckily, I got back on track in time for Mushroom Pasta! It was fabulous! 

Things are slowing down and it looks like our family has a calm week ahead of us! The sun is shining and my husband and children have the day off for President's Day! 

Here's what's cooking in my kitchen this week!
Monday- Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos from Pennies on a Platter.Serve with a salad. *
Tuesday- leftovers
Wednesday- Crockpot Jambalaya from AllRecipes (my Etsy pal, Pam loves this!) 
Thursday- Vegetarian "Meat"loaf from BrannyBoilsOver . Serve with peas and carrots.
Friday- leftovers or takeout
Saturday- Tuscan Vegetable Soup from Cooking Channel. Serve with salad and garlic bread.
Sunday- leftovers
*yes, I'm cooking these again this week! My son loves them and I have a carton of sour cream that needs to be enjoyed!

What are you cooking for dinner tonight? I'd love to know!

xoxo Elizabeth

p.s. I'm linking up with Menu Plan Monday!


  1. I hope you manage to have a less hectic week Elizabeth, sometimes it all just goes pear shaped! So glad you enjoyed the mushroom pasta, I made this again tonight, it has become a favourite at our house. Have a wonderful week!! Jane xx p.s. love the plate!

  2. Brazilian Fish Stew with rice which thankfully turned out delicious!

  3. Jane, I love your expression "it just all goes pear shaped"! Around here, we often say "it all goes south"!

    Ashlie, Brazilian Fish Stew sounds delicious! Did your guys like it too?


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