Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Handmade Makes Me Happy

I'm wearing my fun LemonKissed earrings!

Hello! Do you have a favorite handmade item that you love wearing? Maybe it's something you received as a gift or purchased for yourself as a little treat. I bet you do! Wearing handmade items makes me feel special... and you all know that when we feel good, the whole day seems brighter!

I'd love for you to help me celebrate Handmade! If you would like to join the fun, send a photo of you with your beloved handmade item! You can send your photo to
Please include your first name and tell us a little bit about your handmade treasure! You can even include a link to the shop where the item can be found.
I'll make a post next week with all our photos:) I think this will be fun!

Three Cheers for Handmade!

xoxo Elizabeth


  1. What a wonderful idea Elizabeth! I would love to join in the fun!! xx

  2. Thanks, Jane! p.s. I'm wearing your pretty blue flower today!


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