Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Handmade

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Handmade! 
Last week, I invited my readers to send in a photo of themselves wearing a treasured handmade item! Jane C. and Jane S.  joined in the fun and I just love their pictures! These gals are two of my favorite creative friends! When I'm telling my family about my day, I often mention these ladies. Not only are they extremely creative, they are supportive and caring and always make my day brighter!

Here is my pretty friend, Jane C.!
Jane C. wearing a lovely hand painted brooch from Ireneagh 

A close-up of Jane's brooch
Jane C. is wearing a pretty brooch from Ireneagh . When asked which handmade item she loves to wear, Jane writes, "Mine would have to be a beautiful hand painted brooch I bought a while back from Ireneagh.  The reason I love it so much is because it's like a tiny oil painting and when I am not wearing it I just like to have it on my desk just to admire. Irene is such a wonderful seller too, a pleasure to buy from."

Jane also makes delightful jewelry.  You can find all of her wonderful items in her shop, kooksgingerboy
I love her new brooches! So much fun!

Here is my beautiful friend, Jane S.!

Jane S. and her Twillypop Necklace
Jane is wearing a gorgeous necklace from Twillypop Here she is at a "Black Tie Optional" affair.  Colors were black, white and green.  She added a green Twillypop necklace to jazz up a black dress she already had in her closet. (Such a smart idea!)

Jane is so talented. Her shop, Maiden Jane, is filled with pretty and practical  items. 
I especially love her t-shirt memory quilts!

I had so much fun with this post!  Thank you Jane S. and Jane C.! 
And to all my lovely readers, I'll be writing another post about handmade items we love (maybe items we like to give as gifts or creations we often to use at home...) I'll keep you posted! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
xoxo Elizabeth                          


  1. Oh thanks so much for sharing Elizabeth! Are all your friends named Jane??? I love Jane's brooch and I'm off to check out the wonderful shops you share here today!

  2. Didn't Jane absolutely make my necklace look amazing?! LOVE her! I SO want in on this next on earth will I choose just one handmade fave?!
    Sweet post!

  3. Jane, LOL! I often call you and Jane C. "My Two Janes" I admire you both so much and my family and Charlotte friends often hear about you!

    Sara, I agree! Jane makes your necklace even more stunning! I would love for you to join in next time!

  4. Elizabeth you are the sweetest person, you really are. I often talk about you too, I am so happy to call you my friend and be one of your Janes! I love Jane's shop and yes she is a very talented lady and looks so lovely in her photograph.

    I have really enjoyed joining in this wonderful celebration of handmade. HURRAY for handmade!!!

    Jane xx

  5. My favorite handmade thing is the rainbow gingham hair flower that you made. And to fit the theme, I will sign this with one of my favorite names,

  6. I love the fact that they love to wear their favorites but also admire them when they are not on. I have a brooch from my great aunt like that. Sometimes I just leave it lying around so I can enjoy it. Funny thing is my boys say, "you forgot your brooch, mom". LOL!

  7. Jane C. -I'm so glad to be your friend too!
    Katy-You are so sweet! I'm so glad you love the rainbow flower!
    Sarah- I love the idea of keeping a piece of jewelry out to enjoy! (So sweet that you have something special from your great aunt!)

    Hope you all have a good weekend!
    xo Elizabeth


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