Friday, September 14, 2012

Ottoman Tray

Hello! I want to share a great find with you! I've been looking for a tray for our large ottoman for a long time. I absolutely love the ottoman because it has storage inside to hide all our blankets and it makes a great surface for family game nights, but it is HUGE!  I've been keeping my Monet "coffee table" book on it to visually break up the giant rectangle of stripes. I finally found a better option!

This tray is from Walmart (yes, I said Walmart!) I was running in the store to pick up plates for a birthday party and it stopped me in my tracks... could it be... the perfect ottoman tray... in Walmart? For only $14.95! 

I added flannel on the bottom to keep the tray from harming the ottoman fabric. Easy peasy... I just used my glue gun to tack down the fabric. 

Then I shopped around the house for some accessories. Fall magazines,  a wooden puzzle, some pretty dishes, an autumn scented candle, a nesting doll, and a philodendron. When we need to set drinks on the tray, we can move the candle and use the saucers as coasters. When we need to make room for board games, we can move the entire tray.
I think it makes the den more cozy!
Bets on how long it will be until the kids are romping around and knock over the plant? :)
Hope you all have a happy weekend!
xo Elizabeth


  1. Fabulous idea Elizabeth and it looks great!! Have a happy Friday and a fantastic weekend! It's my husband's birthday today so we are going out for a meal later! Jane xxx

  2. Looks great Elizabeth! We have an ottoman, too, but it doesn't have storage. That is wonderful. I have two galvanized steel trays that I use for parties. Since we have a sectional, we only have one end table. A tray comes in handy to place snacks and/or drinks when we have guests. The rest of the time....well, there are feet on the ottoman!

  3. What a great idea. I love this. I just came across your blog and love it. I am your newest follower. xo

  4. Thanks, lovely ladies! Erica, Welcome! I sure do appreciate you stopping by and taking time to say hello!

  5. such a great idea! i need to borrow some of your creativity :)


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