Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ready, Get Set, Go! Celebrate

Happy Thursday! It's time for our Ready, Get Set, Go update! If you are just hearing about our challenge, click here to see how it all started. We are finding time to exercise. Basically, just taking a few moments to get outside and move. Everyone is invited and you are welcome to leave a note to let us know how things are going! 

I am happy to say that I had the best run/walk I've had in a long time. 45 minutes prior to running, I used my inhaler to get my lungs ready. And then, I just ran! I felt strong and it felt so good to be back on my old running route. The rest of the week, I've been walking and biking. Knowing you all are checking in on Thursdays really keeps me moving... even when I'd rather take it easy!

From my half marathon Dec. 2010.
I'll run one again one day!

So how is it going for you? Remember to celebrate every little step, no matter how big or small! I am proud of you! I think we all deserve a medal for giving it a go!

Ready, Get Set, Go!


  1. Congratulations on your run Elizabeth, I am very proud of you too!! I had a lot of exercise over the weekend and can tell!! I did some arm exercises this morning while the kettle boiled, for a bit of toning and had a brisk walk around town in my lunch hour today. I am going to try to lose a stone in weight by Christmas too by cutting down on sugar intake!! You are doing so well which is wonderful, I bet you feel so great! Keep up the fantastic work! Jane xxx

  2. Way to go, Jane! I love that you are sneaking in some arm exercises while making tea! And I bet walking around your pretty town during lunchtime was so nice! Good luck cutting down on sugar... I really need to focus on that too!
    Have a great day, sweet friend!


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