Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday. Nov. 26, 2012

Hello, Sweet Readers!
I have missed you! Life has been so busy lately and blogging never made it to the top of my to-do list. I hope you all are doing well and had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Our Thanksgiving started with friends and ended with family. We all got up early to run a Turkey Trot 5K with our buddies. There were 13 of us. The morning was beautiful and everyone was in a festive mood! We all agree if you run a 5K on Thanksgiving, you can eat as much pie as you want! After the race, my parents came to visit! Thankfully, my mom cooked the turkey and the traditional sides... homemade dressing, cranberry sauce, and macaroni and cheese. I made a pumpkin pie, a big green salad, and sweet potatoes. Little Polka Dot and my mom made a beautiful mincemeat pie. No real meat in there, I promise! Just spiced fruit. It was delicious! We had the best time cutting little leaves out of the dough to decorate the pie. My son even strayed away from the football game to help with the leaves. He made his into footballs... so funny!

Last night, we decorated our Christmas tree! It is one of my most favorite things we do as a family.
I'll add some photos soon!

Also, Polka Dot Skies is back open! I closed it for a while to prepare for two holiday shows. The shows were fun and now that they are over, I will be adding some new things to the shop! 15% off today with coupon code MERRY.

What's on the menu this week?
Monday- Curried Chickpea Lime Rice Salad and fresh fruit.
Tuesday- Beans and Brown Rice with a salad.
Wednesday- Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala with naan bread and green peas.
Thursday- leftovers
Friday- takeout sushi
Saturday- Hungarian Noodles-- an old recipe from a friend in Atlanta.
Sunday- dinner out with friends

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Any big news since I last saw you in October? I'd love to know!

xoxo Elizabeth

p.s. I'm linking up with Menu Plan Monday!


  1. Well hello and welcome back, you have been missed!! It sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving and all that talk of wonderful food has made me soooo hungry! I can't wait to see your Christmas tree, ours will go up on Friday...hurray! Have a great week xxxx

  2. Did you like the Indian dish? I adore Indian...worth making?

    1. We loved it! I have to admit that I forgot to get the slow cooker going and ended up cooking everything in a big pot on the stove that evening. My hubby loves spicy food. I used 2tsp. Of cayenne pepper. It was zippy! I added a little more plain yogurt to mine to tone it down:)


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