Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready, Get Set, Go Challenge. Obstacles.

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Happy Thursday! It's time for our Ready, Get Set, Go update! So how is the week going for you? Have you found time to get outside and enjoy the pretty weather?
I've been doing alot of cycling this week...perhaps I'm in a rut, but I'm really loving it right now!

Our neighborhood has lots of peaceful wooded bike paths. It's where I do my best thinking, get a little exercise, and prepare myself for busy days.

Today on the trail, I was enjoying the cool morning air. Loving the freedom of a few minutes away from a "to-do" list. Zipping along past all the trees that will soon be covered in bright Autumn leaves. I turned a corner and BOOM, I saw it.
A HUGE truck.
A truck.... in "my" woods?
What on earth is a giant truck doing here?
The neighbors are having trees removed from their backyard.
All I care about at the moment is trying to find a way around this truck.
There is no way.
No point in even trying to creep around the sides.
I have to turn around.

How many times in our lives are we zipping along.... everything going as planned.... when we suddenly come to an obstacle? Maybe it's someone telling us we can't meet a goal. Perhaps it's the loss of a job. Maybe it is losing someone we dearly love. Or maybe it's just little things... forgetting an important ingredient for a recipe and it's time to cook dinner ... an unexpected phone call when you are rushing out the door... an internet connection that goes down at the wrong time.

How do you handle obstacles?
Do you carefully try to work your way through the situation? (If that truck had been 1 foot shorter, I would have surely tried to squeeze my way past.)
Do you look for a new route that will still take you to your destination? You will need to make changes and the route will take longer, but you still get where you want to go.
Do you turn around and go back to your starting point? Giving up for a while. Possibly trying the journey another day?

I found a new route today. It took a little longer. It took me past beautiful new sights. I found a new way to reach the pretty lake I wanted to see.

Are you facing obstacles this week? Life can be really hard sometimes! Remember to breathe, get enough rest, and focus on one day at a time. And if you are enjoying a moment when life is really good and things are going smoothly, take a little time to check on your friends and see if they need some extra encouragement. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I am thankful for each and every one of you!
xoxo Elizabeth

p.s. If you are just hearing about our challenge, click here to see how it all started. We are finding time to exercise. Basically, just taking a few moments to get outside and move. Everyone is invited and you are welcome to leave a note to let us know how things are going! 


  1. Elizabeth, you are so wise. I really enjoyed reading this and it is all so true. I am glad you found another route and saw some beauty. You are a lovely person. Jane xx

    p.s. I had 3 walks this week whoop, whoop!! Congrats on all your cycling x

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! You are doing so great with your walks! Hope you have a happy weekend! xoxo

  2. I'm so glad you are getting out to enjoy biking. We are having a mixed fall after such a hot, dry summer. We've had some lovely weather, but mostly rainy - especially the weekends. We have been hoping to do our big family biking excursion in the Cuyahoga Valley but it's just not working out so far. We've managed a few bike rides, though.

    Obstacles? I think at first I cry. Should a grown woman admit to that? Well, I don't always do that....but I pause. It's very easy for anger or doubt to creep in. But mostly, I step back, try something else and then revisit it down the road. Often a solution pops right into my mind! Mostly, I persevere - especially with the support of family and friends!

    1. Jane, It's okay to admit to crying! (It just makes me like you even more!) It is amazing how sometimes, we can step back from a situation and then the solution comes to us. I'm glad you persevere. Thank you for being a wonderful role model to me!

  3. Elisabeth
    I love your blog
    I am very far for you
    Saludos from chile

    1. Hello,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! Please come back soon! I'm happy the internet makes the world a smaller place.
      We used to have neighbors who were from Chile. I loved hearing them speak... such a beautiful language.

  4. Thank you for this sweet reminder. I am hitting some obstacles and having to change paths. My son who is a senior is having to switch to online classes because of his health. I am so proud of him for having a good attitude during this very difficult time. He is definitely an example to me!I also need to step back for a bit to think...that may be just how we ladies are wired.

  5. Hi Sarah, I am so sorry to hear that. I am sure it is not what you all expected for his senior year. I am glad he has a good attitude. I hope for him that things will go smoothly and his health will improve. I will be thinking about you all.
    I think we are wire differently! I have a friend who takes time to let things play out... She is a good role model for me because I tend to get bent out of shape pretty easily.


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