Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to School Blues

Back to School Blues.
Not for my children. They love school and are so happy to see their friends again.
I am the one with the blues. I miss them already.
We had a really great time over the holidays.

The house is quiet today.

The lego table is waiting for a little girl to get home. (Please don't think we spoil her too much. Some of these sets were for Christmas and birthdays, but most of them she bought after saving her allowance money.)

The scrabble game is packed away. My son won the last round.

Another favorite game is back in the box.

And our coat rack looks sad with only one jacket.

Sometimes it is so hard to watch our children grow up. Birthdays and other milestones can be bittersweet. But we are blessed to be able to watch our children grow. The last few weeks, my heart has been with those moms and dads in Connecticut who will not get to send their children back to school. I am keeping them in my prayers. I hope they feel God's arms wrapped around them.

Much love, Elizabeth


  1. Hi Elizbeth, I stopped over from Clover Lane, and have enjoyed reading through your lovely blog. My children returned to school on January 2nd, and I miss them too! I just love having them home! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Billie Jo,
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so glad you are here! Hope your children had a good week at school. Enjoy having them home this weekend!

  2. Oh Elizabeth I know what you are feeling but yes we are so lucky to see them grow. Those poor parents I cannot even begin to imagine how they are feeling and will feel for a long time to very sad. Sending you a hug xx

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! A hug from across the Atlantic a good thing:)

  3. Hi Elizabeth! I'm so glad Katie introduced you to my blog because it allowed me to find yours. It's wonderful!! This post touched me - I have a kindergartner, a preschooler and a 2 1/2 year old. I missed my older two terribly today as it was the first day both were "back to school." It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with my youngest, but I too am happiest at home with all of my little chickens around me.
    I look forward to getting to know you and your blog!

    1. Hi Marilee! Thank you for taking time to say hello! I agree... I am happiest when we are all under one roof! Hope you all have a good week!


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