Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Menu Plan for Jan.14th

I am a little late with my menu plan for the week because both of my children were not feeling well and stayed home from school yesterday. My son is much better and back at school. My daughter still has a fever , so we are getting lots of snuggle time today.
Just when I think I have it all figured out and life is running smoothly, someone gets sick!

What's cooking this week?

Monday- Stove Top Creamy Mac and Cheese and green peas.
Tuesday- Beans and Rice and a salad.
Wednesday- Oven Tacos, fresh fruit, and salad.
Thursday- leftovers
Friday- Noodle Soup. (More info later... my friend and I are making homemade noodles!)
Saturday- Crock Pot Cranberry Pork Roast, green peas,brown rice.*please note, next time I make this, I will add the cranberry sauce toward the end of cooking time. Maybe the last hour. The sauce lost a lot of it's color and got a title bit mushy. I think the flavor will be better, too.
Sunday- leftovers

Last week, we loved the Chicken Enchilada Crock Pot Soup. And the Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken is always a hit!

Hope you all are having a healthy week! What's cooking in your kitchen?
xoxo Elizabeth

I'm linking up with Menu Plan Monday! OnTuesday:)


  1. mmmm, the cranberry pork roast sounds good. I don't have anything new on my menu this week - just some old favs, including spaghetti! Wow - I'll be interested to hear how your noodle making goes!

    1. Jane, Spaghetti is always a favorite here! Noodle making was postponed due to illness... hopefully next week!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, First off, I hope your littles are all well soon. We had a round of sickness here over Christmas. It is awful when your kids are sick, isn't it?

    Your menu looks great! Your meals are similar to mine...I love to include fresh fruit! Oh and I have tacos on the menu and can't wait to try your oven ones! What a clever idea. Also on our menu...a favorite, sloppy joes with fresh fruit, and take out at Subway to name a couple.

    Have a wonderful afternoon snuggling with your daughter!

    1. Thank you, Billie Jo! My son was better by Tuesday and my daughter went back today. I appreciate your nice thoughts! It is awful when the kids are sick.
      This is our first time for oven tacos, but they look so good! I switched up my menu a little since I could not get to the grocery store. Hope to make the tacos this weekend! Hope your week is going well!

  3. Looks great! I may have to steal some of the meals! :-)

    1. Hi Susannah! Thanks for stopping by! Steal away! Some of my best recipes have come from bloggers and Pinterest!

  4. Lovely sounding meals! Hope both your little lovelies are fully recovered now? Hope your week is going well? Jane xx

    1. Hi Jane, It was a rough week, but everyone is at school today and I am playing catch up! Can't wait for the weekend!
      Hope you have a great weekend! Do you still have snow?

    2. Glad to hear everyone is much better! I am happy the weekend is here too and yes it's still snowing!! Hope you manage to catch up and have a little time to relax. J xx


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