Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Thoughts and Menu Plan Monday,on Tuesday. May 28, 2013

Hello Lovely Friends!

I hope you all had a good weekend! Here in the states, we observed Memorial Day. For me this day is always a bit somber. We often take our freedom for granted. It was secured for us by brave men and women who fought for our country. My grandfather fought in WWII. He was one of the finest gentlemen I will ever know. He left my grandmother and a young child (my aunt) to go fight in the war.
My grandfather did not talk about the war when I was growing up. He was kind, good-natured, and deeply patriotic (in a very reserved way). Everyone in our small community called him Daddy Rob. He was always helping someone with home repairs, yard work, or stopping by to check on elderly neighbors in the community.

When my son was in 1st grade, he was working on a project and asked Daddy Rob some questions about the war. It was the first time I had heard him speak of it. He was there when his unit freed a concentration camp. He received a medal for protecting his unit during a battle. He spent many days and nights in cold fox holes. But he was some humble when he spoke of his part in the war. It just made me more proud of him.

One day, I will write more about my grandfather. He passed away a couple of years ago. He was 90. The last time I saw him was on his 90th birthday. He was one of the most special people in my life. I still get teary-eyed when I think about him being gone, but he had a strong faith and I know I will see him again one day.

I hope you all don't mind me getting sentimental. I know so many of you have special loved ones in your life who have served our country, too.

This week is busy.  We have guests coming this weekend!
Tuesday- Fresh Spring Rolls with Homemade Peanut Dipping Sauce
Wednesday- Curried Red Lentil Soup with a salad.
Thursday- leftovers
Friday Lunch- Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup and salad.
Friday Dinner- Sandwiches, Curried Chickpea Lime Rice Salad, and fresh fruit.
Saturday Breakfast- bagels w/cream cheese and fresh fruit. (Bagels and cream cheese from Panera.)
Saturday Lunch- taking our guests to Cafe 101 (one of favorite little places)
Saturday Dinner- Spaghetti , garlic bread, and a salad.
Sunday Breakfast- cereal and fresh fruit.
Sunday Lunch- ???
Sunday Dinner- dinner out with friends.

I hope you all have a good week!
xoxo Elizabeth

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  1. I totally teared up!! I love that your son got to have that interaction with your grandfather concerning his experiences in the war.
    On another note, I'm going to totally try the spring rolls (sans the chicken as I'm vegetarian)! Yummy!!!

    1. Hi Amanda! I am making them without chicken too! We eat a little meat, but I think they will be fantastic as veggie rolls! This is the first time I have made them... been craving something like this for a while, so I am going to try!

  2. Hi there Elizabeth! Such a nice story about your glad you shared it with us...and those spring rolls...yummmmmm Have a nice evening, friend. : )

  3. Thank you for sharing about your sweet Grandpa. I would love to hear more. :) I love looking at your weekly menu too.

    1. Thank you, Malissa. I hope you are doing well. I know you have been extra busy. I miss seeing your posts!

  4. It sounds like your grandfather was a special man. I think so many of those who fought in WWII never talked about it. That is how it was with my dad. Who knows how much they suffered when they came home? But so much to learn from them. Thank you for sharing your cherished memories.

    1. Jane, It must have been such a different time. I can't imagine dealing with all of that on my own. But they did it so stoically.

  5. Beautifully written Elizabeth...I could feel the amazing spirit of your Grandfather as I read it. I never knew either of my Grandfathers as one died in WWII, he was gunned down in a plane over the Indian Ocean, and my other one died when I was a small baby. I wish I had known them. Treasure your memories of Daddy Rob he sounds incredibly special xxxx

    1. Jane, Thank you for sharing about your grandfathers. I wish you could have known them. I know they would have adored you. Lots of love, Elizabeth


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