Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Wishing Tree. A Wonderful Summertime Read!

I love to read and today I would like to share a new book with you! The Wishing Tree by Marybeth Whalen is a delightful summertime read! It officially came out today, but I was one of the lucky ladies who got to read it first!

 Most of the story takes place on Sunset Beach, NC. The main character, Ivy is asked to create a wishing tree for her sister's wedding. Each guest is asked to write a wish for the bride and groom. (How sweet is this tradition!) Unbeknownst to her family, Ivy has come home to the beach to get away from her own marriage. Will she rekindle a spark with her old beau? Will she try to work things out with her husband? You should read the book to find out! There is also a section at the back with book club questions. I can imagine a great discussion about our ideas of marriage and the wishes and dreams both people bring into a marriage.

The author, Marybeth Whalen, lives in Charlotte. Last year, my ladies group at church read her book, She Makes It Look Easy. We loved the book so much that we asked Marybeth to join us for a discussion. She came to our Christmas cookie exchange and we had the best time hearing about her life as an author, wife, and mom to 6 beautiful children! What struck me most about her is that she is real. Someone who loves her family and is truly interested in others. Someone who is busy and trying to find balance in life just like the rest of us. Her passion is writing and she is blessed to follow her dream! It was a treat to chat with her and share Christmas cookies together!

Have you read any great books lately? I would love to know! I just finished The Wishing Tree last night, so I need to find another book soon!

Hope you all have a happy day!


  1. Ohhh a fellow book lover! See, I knew there was a reason we are bloggy friends...well, that and our love of food and meal planning. Now, running? That is where I draw the line! : )

    Have a nice summer evening, friend.

    P.S. Will check this one out!

  2. Oh, hooray! One of the things I look forward to the very most in the summer is the time to read all the great books I've heard about all year long. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to my list! <3

  3. Sounds like a great book Elizabeth! I have just started reading a book my Dad has recommended called 'The Art of Hearing Heartbeats' I am not very far in but will let you know if it is any good! Have a wonderful weekend my friend xxx


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