Thursday, March 27, 2014

Favorite Things Party with My College Friends

Converse Girl's Weekend
Charleston, SC

Most of you know that my college buddies get together two weekends each year. We all agree that it is one of the best things in life! We have known each other since our days at Converse. (Our 20th reunion is this year.) We ride the roller coaster of life together! Celebrating the highs and comforting each other through the lows. Boy do these girls make the lows better! They will always be my girls. No matter where we are, the nights always end with us in our pajamas eating snacks, sharing stories, and laughing...laughing alot!
We ventured to Charleston last Spring and had a Favorite Things party! I'd love to share our favorites! Some of our dear friends could not go and we missed them so much! It was a party of 6 this time.

We brought 5 of our Favorite Things (under$10) to share with our friends!

Ashley shared Scales Margarita Mix...yummy!
Kirsten gave us purple water bottles with a hidden space for a key and credit cards. 
Perfect for long walks in the city!
Ashley (we have 2 Ashleys!) brought cute bottles of Essie Nail Polish.
Such happy colors!
Martha gifted us with Lolailo Sangria...delicious!
Hope treated us to a favorite from her college days... a scalp massager!
My friends will thank me for not adding silly photos here:)
I brought colorful paper straws, Junior Mints, and pink pencils with cute sayings. 
(Be Silly, Be Charming, Be Stylish, Be Kind, etc.)

This was so much fun! These treats have been a fun reminder of our trip to Charleston! Thank you for the wonderful idea, Hope!  And thank you for sharing your pictures, Ashley!

Now I have a question for you? What would you bring to a Favorite Things party? 
I'd love to know!
xoxo, Elizabeth


  1. That is awesome! we did that on our girls trip to savannah last year and it was so fun! I have never seen that water bottle. Kirsten is so clever!

    1. Holly, I have never been to Savannah, but I would love to one day! Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. Wow, looks like you all had such a great time Elizabeth! What a beautiful group of ladies you are : ) Love the gifts...what great ideas. Happy Friday! : )

  3. What a fun idea and it is so wonderful that you stay in touch! My best college friend and I only seem to manage to talk to each other every 5 years at our reunion...but it is always like picking up where we left off!

    1. Hi Jane, That is the best thing about true does not matter how long it has is as if you just saw each other the day before!

  4. Oh I love this idea! I think I'll find a time to gather my sisters in law together over the summer and do this with them. I love that your group of friends has remained close and committed to your get togethers for all these years. And those Essie nail polishes are my favorite, too!


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