Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ready, Get Set, Go! Start Where You Are.

Hello! I've been looking forward to this post all week! Last week, I wrote about my asthma and my desire to run again. Your sweet comments, twitter notes, and emails have been so encouraging. Thank you! I asked you to join me in a Ready, Get Set, Go Challenge. Basically, taking a little time for yourself each week. Walking. Running. Swimming. Cycling. Playing catch with your dog! Taking a few moments to get outside and move.

So how is it going? I'd love to know! I enjoyed being outdoors this week. I feel like my mind is more clear and I have more energy after being outside... those are 2 great benefits to exercising!

Here is my list of outdoor activities:
A walk with my children and my dog.
A walk with my hubby.
A walk with my mom, my children, and all the cousins in the mountains. (I love lazy walks and good conversation!)
A bicycle ride.
A walk by myself. (Great thinking time).

Nothing fancy, but I am taking one step at a time. I hope you are too!

I'll see you again next week! You are welcome to leave note or link to let us now what you are doing for the challenge!  Whether you are just starting out or you've been doing this for a while, I'm proud of you! Remember to drink an extra glass of water during or after your outdoor adventures!

I can't wait to hear what you do over the next week! (Our family is doing something extra fun tomorrow--I'll tell you all about it next Thursday!)

Ready, Get Set, Go!
xoxo Elizabeth


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I am glad you have been getting out and about so much that's so good! You will be running in no time!! I have not been so good really but have promised myself I will try harder next week. I am setting myself a goal of 10 minutes of exercise per day...let's see!! J xx

  2. Hi Jane! I love your honesty:) 10 minutes a day sounds great! I'm cheering for you-- all the way from the US!
    xo Elizabeth


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